Personal Shopper

With this service Cristyle offers the possibility of a targeted shopping, looking for clothing and accessories through a support to the person with useful tips about the look. The personal shopper will take you with enthusiasm in selecting and building your style, making the shopping experience pleasant and enjoyable even for those who are very reluctant. This will save your energy, your valuable time and your money.

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Image Consultant

This service consists of advice for those who want to renew or reinvent themselves with a different image, at times more sophisticated or just changing your wardrobe. Cristyle takes care of the person, its uniqueness, considering the requirements and the needs of the customer. In the course of life we face many changes, both personal and professional that often coincide with changes of look, so why not rely on the hands of an image consultant?

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Wardrobe Analisys

Cristyle reorganizes or reinvents your wardrobe for professional or private reasons, or for any reason that you consider necessary. For example, in view of the new season, she will make room for new clothes, will point out the so-called "must", will assist you in choosing the right combinations  and the most suitable outfit for various times of day and various occasions such as formal dinners, romantic meetings, job interviews, meetings, ceremonies, weddings and any special occasion for you.

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Marriage Look

Particular attention is given to the bride and groom look. This service offers a Cristyle image consultancy dedicated to the bride and groom according to their needs and budget. Cristyle, on the basis of the information, will guide and follow step by step with bride's fitting in atelier, advising the best choice for her based on her personal style and wedding theme.


Shopping on demand

Cristyle deals with commission shopping from clients who, due to lack of time and desire, do not know where and how to face the search for a gift or personal shopping.
The personal shopper is concerned about your purchases according to your specifications and your budget. At the request of the customer she must take care, as well as the purchase, of packing and shipping.

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