About Us

Cristyle is inspiration, originality and passion. Always the curiosity towards other cultures, foreign languages ​​are the setting of my great passion.

After several years in the field of trade and exports, supported by English teaching, I decided to take what I loved to do the most and that is working as a freelance in the fashion business bringing all the inspiration from many trips to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris and Barcelona in my new business.

Getting used with great curiosity and will to learn from foreign cultures, I got to know this professional figure during my travels, it was love at first sight, I've been fascinated and with great enthusiasm I said to myself "why not turn this passion for shopping into a real business? Cristyle has my professional experience, knowledge of foreign languages, my sacrifices and reflects my aspirations, my personality and a great love for all that is style and elegance. I attended a specialization course on personal shopping, where I studied and learned the techniques of the job from a professional and specialized figure of fashion field and I have specialized myself on image consultancy.

The aspect that I really love of this activity is to advise people on how to improve and enhance their appearance, emphasizing the potential of each one making them feel more at ease, even the most reluctant and less concerned with the right look  for every situation. This does not mean that the personal shopper pushes people to become a fashion victim and buy the latest model of some kind of designer, I do not like to appear with the same brand name but I try to take care of the person studying the look that best suits her according to the lifestyle and the physical shape.

After all, remember, and here I appeal to women, what the famous Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, said: "get bad clothes and you will observe the dress, get very good clothes and you will observe the woman." Personally, I agree and add that "the essence of elegance is in the detail".
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